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Saturday, April 7, 2012

What is going on!?

Hi followers and new-comers alike!
I am sincerely sorry for my lack of updates over the past - oh my gods - 2 and a bit years! My life has taken a somewhat dramatic change during my unbroken silence and I am no longer the young, romantic and naive boy who Transitionation was originally focused around.
I have witnessed my daughter be born, I married her mother - my wife and love of my life. I bought a house and got my first big-boy job at a bank. turned 23 (the reputed age where no one likes you) and, finally, I have another baby on the way due this september.
In all this time, I have not forgotten about this comic strip. This experiment to write about character development and relive some good times with old friends.
Why am I going on about this now? Well, I am considering starting the comic again!
I have exciting new directions for the story to go, mixing true stories of my own and my friends, my own vivid and psychedelic fantasies and dreams, and a unique perspective of life, and what is wrong with it, while not loosing the naive, quirky and small-town-boy charm.
I cannot, however, do this without your help. When I started this comic, it was a primitive and strenuous task to get the comic from paper to pdf.
I drew in pencil, went over in ink, rubbed out the lines, scanned the image, broke it down to monochrome in ms paint, changed to to a color bitmap image, filled in any gaps where color could escape with the splash tool, paint in shading by hand, and generally correct any mistakes made with drawing. And that was just to make ONE panel!
This was the major reason that the flow of comics stopped. I tried a few simplistic ideas for a new series, but they felt cheap. I had built a world of semi-respectable quality, and I didn't want to lose that.
I even tried tablets. Cheap ones with pens that used AAA batteries that ran out in half an hour and little red ones to numb the pain. . .
I thought that there would be no "easy" way around it. I know that sounds terrible, but I just couldn't embrace the technology that was created for artists of the 21st century to put images directly onto a computer. The primitive look and coloring was what gave my comic half of its charm. The jokes and terable spelling was the other half.

So, why am I telling you this? Because - today - I am starting the:


What does this Fund entail? You may donate as little as $.50 to help save one of the above natural resources!
100% of your donation will be used to purchase a Wacom Inkling pen, hereby saving paper and ink from being needlessly consumed in the creation of webcomics.
Because the image is captured as a Bitmap graphic, there will be much greater quality to the image, meaning I can use less paper and ink.
If you have any love for the comics I have produced in the past, you can take joy that your donation is directly responsible for the manufacture of MORE comics. If this is accomplished, I give my solemn vow that no less than one comic will be published per week*.
How . . . again?
Ah, surely you must be meaning how to get your funds to me? I have set up a donations page through paypal, so you can be sure your donation is sitting with safe hands.

Simply click this button to start saving trees and those sexy lady lac bugs today:

Thank you in advance for all of your donations. Your help and belief in me is the very essence of what this comic was meant to be about :)

*May not be able to meet this vow in extreme circumstances.